Miami Heat Bandwagon Cam Embarrasses Fans At Wizards Game

Miami Heat fans are often accused of being “bandwagon fans”. The Washington Wizards took the insult to another level on Wednesday night with their “Bandwagon Cam”. As the Wizards defeated the defending NBA Champions 114-97, they rubbed salt in the open wound by mocking the apparent Heat fans in attendance.

The Wizards scored a surprisingly easy victory over the Miami Heat behind the 25 points and nine assists John Wall posted. Things got so bad for the Heat Wednesday night, they even decided to play Greg Oden. It was Oden’s first game since 2009. Usually these losses come on off nights when Dwyane Wade sits out, but on this night the Wizards were just better.

So the 18-19 Wizards took the opportunity to start a special “Bandwagon Cam” that might become all the rage in the NBA Eastern Division. The Miami Heat are easily the NBA’s most popular team, mostly because of LeBron James. Even on this night in Washington D.C. there were more than a few Heat fans scattered throughout the Verizon Center, home of the Washington Wizards.

The ever popular (and now overplayed) “kiss cam” has taken on various forms throughout the years. But non-Heat arenas around the country may start using the “Bandwagon Cam”. It could even find it’s way into baseball for the Yankees.

bandwagon cam 2

bandwagon cam 3

Before we give the Wizards too much credit, we should recognize the Golden State Warriors. They have used the same “Bandwagon Cam” to call out LA Lakers fans that show up to their games. The rivalry between the two California teams has been going on for years and recently the Warriors have proven themselves to be the better team.

The Wizards have been improving this year and the Heat have shown signs of cracking. If the pattern continues, it will be interesting to see if embarrassed Heat fans start jumping off the bandwagon.