Elkhart Shooting Suspect Shawn Walter Bair Was Well Known At Super Market

The Elkhart shooting suspect who was shot and killed by police on Wednesday has been identified by police as Shawn Walter Bair. Bair, 22, was well known in Martin’s Super Market by the employees.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Shawn Walter Bair walked into the Elkhart, Indiana super market around 10pm Wednesday night. Wearing a long black trench coat, the Elkhart shooting suspect unloaded a semi-automatic hand gun killing one female employee and another female customer.

Although Bair’s motive is still unknown, Indiana police are hoping to learn something from surveillance footage they are still reviewing. According to Indiana State Police, Bair, an Elkhart native, held the store manager hostage while he made phone calls and sent several text messages. Police are hoping they can utilize phone records to find out who Bair was talking to.

Shawn Walter Bair held the Martin’s Super Market manager hostage for about 20 minutes until Elkhart police could arrive on the scene from a shots fired 911 call. The officers were nearby at an unrelated call and were able to quickly arrive at Martin’s. Bair apparently fired a warning shot as the store manager was able to run away. Bair, distracted by the arrival of Elkhart police, lost sight of the store manager and took off running himself.

The Elkhart shooting suspect was then shot by police officers who chased him down. Details have not been released on whether it was a clean shooting or not. The Indiana State Police were brought in to conduct a thorough investigation.

The woman who was an employee of Martin’s was 20-years old and the customer was 44-years old. Their names have not been released. There were other shoppers inside the store, but most were able to either get away or hide.

Martin’s Super Market posted a statement on its Facebook page, saying “Thank you to our community for your thoughts and prayers tonight. We will comment further when we can do so responsibly and appropriately.”

More details will be coming in regards to the motives of the Elkhart shooting suspect, Shawn Walter Bair.