U.S. Army to use Crysis 2 game engine in a new training system

The U.S. Army is not afraid to take advantage of new video gaming technology in the slightest given that they already have a video game, America’s Army, that they use as a recruitment tool but they are definitely diving into the deep end with a new training system.

The training system is being built by Intelligent Decisions and is estimated to cost $57 million dollars but what makes this really cool is that they are going to be using the CryEngine 3 from Crytek, developers of the Crysis game franchise, as the graphics engine powering the training system.

“What we’re trying to do with infantry squad-level training is suspension of disbelief, and the CryEngine 3 is the best video game technology on the market today,” said West. “With CryEngine 3 being used for Crysis 2 and the capabilities that game engine provides, it allows us to make the most realistic simulation possible. We’re able to transport soldiers to accurately recreated locales like Afghanistan and Iraq, where we can simulate everything from visuals to 360-degree sound.”

The simulator can be used for more than just simulating all-out warfare with the enemy; it can also handle things like peace operations. Participants are graded with a high score after completing a mission — it is, essentially, a videogame, after all.

via 1UP.com

Now if we could just get a few of those nanosuits.