Is Facebook Hiding My Posts? The Problem With Facebook [Video]

Many Facebook users are concerned the social media juggernaut is hiding their posts from friends and followers. It turns out they might be right. While Facebook has led the social media revolution over the last few years, they are facing a problem. How will Facebook monetize their site without alienating their users?

According to Veritasium, an educational science YouTube channel dedicated to making science interesting, Facebook is using a model that is designed to implode. Where YouTube has a business model that clearly defines the creators, consumers, and advertisers, Facebook has struggled to develop a system that allows creators to profit from their content. In fact, this was the major concern when Facebook went public on Wall Street. Facebook makes money off the content they don’t create. Meanwhile, the content creators get nothing. Actually, now content creators have to pay Facebook to get their posts seen.

That’s right. Your posts are being hidden from your friends because you are not paying Facebook enough to let others see the content you are sharing. Let that sink in. What started as a social media tool to promote connection between users online, now requires you to pay to get others to see the content you share. If your friends (or followers on a page) do not like, comment, or share your posts, they will eventually disappear. And Facebook is using their own evaluative methods to determine which posts need to be hidden.

In contrast, YouTube pays content creators for the content they put out. YouTube makes their money from advertisers and shares that revenue with the people who have made the sight so profitable. Twitter and Instagram have the same problem as Facebook, but the difference is that neither Twitter or Instagram are hiding your content. When Twitter went public last year, many were afraid that Twitter would face the same problem as Facebook, how will they monetize? Facebook sidebars get less than one percent on click throughs and Twitter‘s advertisements are more annoying than anything.

Are you worried that Facebook is hiding your posts? You have two possible solutions. Force people to like, comment, and share your content or pay money to get more viewers. Sounds a little crazy when you think about it.

What do you think? Does Facebook have a problem? Comment Yes or No.