Blog Community Widgets Need to Work Together

Recently, we have seen the public release of Google FriendConnect and Facebook Connect. As a result of this, there is a massive land grab on all blogs. Which widget are you installing? Some people say you should install the Facebook widget because it basically opens things up to the whole social network. Others say that Google’s is easier to use and everyone uses at least one Google service.

As usual, I take a different look at things. First, I hate the widgets. I already have a MyBlogLog widget so that other bloggers can see what other bloggers are reading my blog. Does anyone remember that Yahoo owns MyBlogLog? Should we expect to see Yahoo marketing the MyBlogLog widget as their answer to the Google and Facebook offerings? If Yahoo was smart, yes, they would attack this point. The MyBlogLog widget is way cooler than anything that Google and Facebook have on the table. There is also the Blog Catalog widget which I have yet to install. Blog Catalog is another “blogger widget” in the same mold as the one from MyBlogLog.

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