[Food Warning] Fish Often Mislabeled In U.S.

James Johnson

Buyer beware! That mahi-mahi you think you bought might not be mahi-mahi, Consumer Affairs is reporting that yellowtail tuna is often substituted for the Hawaiian dish while tilapia is mislabed as red snapper. In fact Tilapia is so resourceful that it's been called the "Meryl Street of seafood" by the New York Times because it often plays the roles of more expensive fishes.

The allegations of fish selling misconduct are not new however Oceana says the problem isn't getting better and may in fact be getting worse with fish mislabeled anywhere from 25% to 70% of the time depending on species.

The problem is exasperated by FDA guidelines which only require a very small fraction of US seafoods to be tested for authenticity even though 84% of those seafood options are imported from countries with little oversight.

The New York Times believes that the FDA should begin implementing DNA bar coding which in turn would ensure that fish is properly labeled, a process the FDA has not yet embraced.