Paris Hilton Causes Paparazzi Fight Caught on Video

Paris Hilton stepped out to Bar deluxe in Hollywood with her new BFF forever Brittany Flickinger (until next year’s show), introducing her to the world of celebrity. But it was on their way out of the club that the trouble started.

It was the usual paparazzi crush that surrounds Paris’ every move, right up until one of the paps stood on Paris’ foot, causing her to yell “oooowww” in a really whiny voice. She then yells “My shoe!” in a very irritated voice. One of the paps must have damaged it when they stomped on her foot. I am sure they feel terrible because that shoe was probably worth more than they make in a month taking pics of Paris.

This then sets off some kind of pap fight, like a cat fight, just not as much fun. You can check out the video, but basically punches get thrown, bad language gets used, there is blood and one pap winds up unconscious.

My favorite part of the clip is when the paps are yelling questions. One yells “Paris! Paris! What’s your new years resolution!” Clearly it is to not answer lame questions like that. Paris is getting the jump on that one.