Apple iOS 5 Expected To Introduce Widgets, Offer Better Notifications

During Apple’s WWDC event in June the company is expected to make many announcements and among those announcements it is largely believed that they will focus much of their energy on iOS 5 the company’s next iteration of their popular iPhone OS.

According to TechCrunch the company will add Nuance voice recognition however the biggest change will be to the OS display which is expected to bring with it widgets. It’s still unclear how Apple will add widgets to an OS that users have become familiar with without taking on an “Android feel” to their devices displays.

Slashgear says that one rumor circulating is that:

Widgets could be placed on the search page that you get when you swipe to the right. Or, perhaps it could be added just as another home screen page.

It’s still unclear how Apple plans to revamp their typically annoying notifications system.