The New York Giants free agency problem

The New York Giants may be happy the NFL lockout is giving them extra time to figure out their free agency concerns. Depending on how the rules for the 2011 season unfold the Giants could see a good portion of their roster walk away in free agency. With out a doubt they are working hard trying to prioritize who should be retuned and where they could use an upgrade. For now let us focus in on which of their free agents they should resign.

The first and foremost thing they should do is pick a veteran running back, and stick with him. That means they have to figure out which of their backs is the better one. Brandon Jacobs could be a free agent, but is due 4.65 million bucks when the NFL gets back to business. Ahmad Bradshaw is a free agent, and while he gained 1,250 yards he has fumble concerns. It does not make sense to keep both players so they should stick with one, because eventually there will be a salary cap once again.

WR Steve Smith will be a free agent, and this team should resign him. He may not have the skills of the other receivers on the depth chart, but he is the most consistent. Eli Manning needs his weapons and Steve Smith is certainly one of them. They would be crazy to let him walk away.

That brings us to TE Kevin Boss, DT Barry Cofield, and DE Mathias Kiwanuka who are all free agents. Kiwanuka may never return due to a neck injury so we can write him off. Since they drafted a DT Cofield could also be lost, but they would probably like to return him as well. So we have two that should leave, and the rest that may need to stay. Time for the Giants to open up the checkbook.