Gamer pitches perfect game in MLB 2K11, claims $1m prize

Brian Kingrey is one lucky – and now rich – gamer. The 25-year-old from Hammond, Louisiana picked up a check for a million bucks after becoming the first person to pitch a perfect game in MLB 2K11, the latest annual update from videogame baseball specialists 2K Sports.

2K announced the contest earlier this year, revealing the competition would kick off on April 1st. It took Kingrey around two hours after the contest’s start to succeed. However, don’t go thinking Kingrey is a baseball nut. Speaking to Kotaku, he revealed: “This is the first Major League Baseball videogame I ever played in my life.”

To Kingrey’s credit, he came prepared. In the build-up to the contest he analysed real-life stats, averages, and pitcher strengths, and (obviously) played the game itself to death. He pulled off his feat with the Philadelphia Phillies’ Roy Halladay, pitching against the Houston Astros, apparently one of the weakest hitting teams in the game.

So any plans for that money, Brian? “We have picked out a new fridge already.”

‘Atta boy.

[Via Kotaku]