Obama headed for a scandal says the Math.

Nothing goes down better than a nice juicy scandal especially when it comes to politics the only problem is that President Obama seems to be above all that mundane type stuff, except that is almost guaranteed to change according to political scientist Brendan Nyhan.

Nyhan has released a new study entitled Where Are the Obama Scandals where he asks why Obama’s administration has not yet been hit by a major scandal. Nyhan goes on to point out that mathematics proves that this is going to change and that there is a huge scandal heading towards Obama like a train in a tunnel.

Obama has been extremely fortunate: My research on presidential scandals shows that few presidents avoid scandal for as long as he has. In the 1977-2008 period, the longest that a president has gone without having a scandal featured in a front-page Washington Post article is 34 months – the period between when President Bush took office in January 2001 and the Valerie Plame scandal in October 2003. Obama has already made it almost as long despite the lack of a comparable event to the September 11 terrorist attacks. Why?


Obama should be highly vulnerable to scandal given his standing with Republicans. My research identifies presidential approval among opposition party identifiers as a key risk factor. The reason is that discontent among the opposition’s base creates demand for negative news about the president, encouraging opposition legislators and members of the news media to promote allegations of misconduct.

via Gawker

I can see the political pundits sharpening their knives as we speak.