‘Born To Run: Bridgegate Version’ Performed By Jimmy Fallon And Bruce Springsteen [Video]

The “Born To Run” Bridgegate version might be the best Bruce Springsteen parody Jimmy Fallon has ever pulled off. The Late Night host, famous for his hilarious music parodies, was sure to come up with something classic for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He did not disappoint.

Jimmy Fallon is known for doing a pretty good Bruce Springsteen impression. And sure enough on Tuesday night, he walked onto a darkened stage and began playing Springsteen’s famous song “Born To Run”. But when the lyrics came groveling out of his throat, they were not the lyrics to the classic rock ballad. Instead, they were songs about being stuck on the Fort Lee bridge.

Always the showman, Fallon was soon joined by a matching Bruce Springsteen who got in on the fun. He poked fun at Governor Christie, who is in serious trouble for his role in the bridge closure scandal now called “Bridgegate”. He is also under investigation for misusing relief funds during hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Jimmy Fallon obviously isn’t worried about concerns that his political parodies are going to land him in hot water. He continues to put out funny content, mocking government officials. And fans love him for it. His appearance with Justin Timberlake on SNL was the shows highest rating in years.

Don’t worry, Fallon isn’t worried about the political implications of the Bridgegate scandal. Instead, the Fallon and Springsteen version of “Born To Run” was focused more on the predicament of stranded drivers and all the associated complications. Bruce Springsteen even made fun of his own shows a little with a quip about being on the bridge longer than “one of my shows.” The rocker is notorious for concerts that last a while.

Bruce Springsteen was appearing on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to promote his new album released on Tuesday, “High Hopes”. If you have high hopes that the new album includes the duo singing “Born To Run: Bridgegate Version”, you will be sorely disappointed.