Chris Colfer of Glee Dishes on Being Bullied in High School

Uber-adorable Chris Colfer of the hit musical drama Glee has spoken out about his own experiences as an awkward high-schooler.

If you’re a fan of Glee or have been otherwise subjected to the show, you know that the high school social strata is a significant plot-point of the show, as well as the theme that bullying does not necessarily end when you become singing math teacher with a perm. Colfer plays gay teen Kurt Hummel, who occasionally runs into homophobia in school and frequently ends up on the receiving end of a slushee to the face.

Colfer talked to Piers Morgan about his role on the show, but took the high road when it came to naming and shaming high school bullies. Colfer dished:

“There’s a diplomatic answer I could give… Those individuals, it’s almost like you want to say ‘suck it’ to them right there. I should have said that. Like, given names and social security numbers… I hated them all equally.”

He continued:

“It’s embarrassing and it’s uncalled for, especially when they don’t know you and you don’t know them…it was heart-wrenching.”

You can watch a clip of Piers and Chris chatting here.