Crazed Fan Grabs Rihanna During ‘Today’ Show: [Video]

Rihanna kicked off the Today’s summer concert series with her hit “S&M” and one fan got a little too frisky during the performance. As she strutted through the crowded Rockefeller Center a crazed fan reached over a barricade and pulled her in to apparently give her a smooch.

Here is a clip of the incident: (skip to 1:32 for the grab)

Luckily she was able to escape unharmed (with the help of her dancers) and continue on with her performance seemingly unfazed. She went on to perform four songs off her new album Loud! and even handed over the singing responsibilities to the wild crowd for certain lines of her hits.

Rihanna also took some time midway through her mini-concert to discuss her recent “too hot for TV” performance with Britney Spears. When asked her feelings on the sexy pair’s act, Ri Ri stated:

“I went to Twitter to see what my fans thought about it and they really enjoyed seeing us two up there together. There will be some people who think that’s too sexy, but you’re always going to find that,” she said matter-of-factly. “Nothing popped out, we didn’t make out … People will always talk, whether bad or good,” she said.