Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Map Sneak Preview Video

On the latest episode of EA’s gaming show PWNED, hosts Sian Welby and Matt Cuttle caught up with developers from DICE to bring us our very first look at Battlefield 3‘s reinvisioning of one of the most revered multiplayer maps of all time: Strike at Karkand.

The remake of the classic map is part of the Back at Karkand expansion pack, available at no charge for those who pre-order the game. Other maps offered in the pack include remakes of other classic Battlefield maps such as Wake Island, Sharqi Peninsula and one of my all-time favorites, Gulf of Oman.

“[Strike at Karkand] has the infantry stuff, it’s super intense … but it also has the, kind of, the mix of [vehicles] in there as well,” said David Spinnier, the lead designer on the original Strike at Karkand when asked just what made the original map such a hit with the Battlefield community. “I had a very specific kind of design idea for it when I designed it originally. I think that kind of came through.”

While the video gives us only a brief glimpse at what Strike at Karkand looks like with its new coat of shiny paint, it still does a pretty remarkable job of getting me giddy with excitement at the idea of another tour of duty through Strike at Karkand. If you’re even the slightest Battlefield fan, you won’t want to miss this look at one of the greatest maps to ever grace a first-person shooter.

Check out the good stuff starting at around the six minute mark in the video below, or stick around for the full thing for a little insight into the brand new Frostbite 2.0 engine being used for the game.