Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Nacho: Critics Weigh In On The Restaurant's Latest Offering

Taco Bell's Grilled Stuft Nacho is currently up for grabs across the country. However, just because the item is out there doesn't necessarily mean you should spend your money on it.

The idea is simple: Take everything that makes nachos great, stuff the ingredients inside an over-sized flour tortilla, and grill it to perfection. At only $1.29, it's a hard offer to pass up if you love nachos and Taco Bell. As long as you can stomach the goofy spelling, that is.

Although this writer hasn't taken the plunge on the Grilled Stuft Nacho just yet, a number of other websites have put their stomachs through the wringer for the sake of journalism. Judging from the reviews sprinkled around the internet, the success of Taco Bell's latest endeavor depends greatly on the individual.

The Houston Press writer Christina Uticone seemed particularly smitten with the Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Nacho. Although she walked away from the fast food experience feeling a little disappointed with the lack of a significant crunch from the tortilla, she seemed impressed with the foodstuff's overall tastiness.

"The nacho sauce adds a good balance of tang and spice, so along with the seasoned beef there is plenty of flavor to stand up against the cheese sauce and sour cream, which are applied generously. It's surprisingly neat to eat, too -- my tortilla stayed tightly folded, without any of that dripping-down-the-arm thing that can happen with tacos nachos," Uticone wrote in her review.

Rob Thomas of The Capital Times wasn't nearly as impressed with the Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Nacho as Uticone. However, this might have something to do with how his order was prepared. Apparently the employee who assembled this item didn't care if all the ingredients were properly blended together. Thomas also took issue with Taco Bell's penchant for repackaging the same items over and over again.

"Whoever assembled mine just seemed to throw the stuff in willy-nilly, so what I ate was a large expanse of meat and cheese, followed by a solid, bone-dry center strata of chips, followed by more meat and cheese. It was like eating only the very top and the very dregs of a plate of nachos, with none of the good stuff in between," he wrote.

Last but certainly not least is the review posted by The Daily Herald critic Ken Hoffman. While he firmly believes that hungry Taco Bell customers certainly get plenty of food for their money, this doesn't necessarily add up to anything good. He too seemed to think the Grilled Stuft Nacho was just more of the same old thing.

Thomas added:

"Whatever time it spends on the grill is not enough to support the gloppy mess within. The tri-tips are crispy, sure, but most of the tortilla stays soft and vulnerable. The nacho cheese sauce, zesty nacho sauce and warm ground beef seep through the tortilla. The product yields to floppage, and once that starts, the end is not pretty. I wouldn't suggest that you eat this while driving, especially if your car has cloth seats."
Have you tried the Taco Bell's new Grilled Stuft Nacho? What did you think about the popular fast food chain's latest offering?