Christina Ricci Starts Weird Trend By Posing Inside A Refrigerator [Photos]

Christina Ricci was once known as a trendsetting icon for all 90s teens and pre-teens, but these days most of Ricci's work flies under the radar. That said, it's always a bit of a surprise to see her name grab a headline or two, especially this time around when she's attached to an odd celebrity photo trend.

At first there was "Tebowing" and now 2014 has ushered in "Riccing." For people who aren't as tiny as Ricci is, it's become a challenge to curl into objects but some people managed to pull it off in fun and creative ways.

The actress, known for Sleepy Hollow, Now and Then, Casper, and 200 Cigarettes, has decided to pose in a refrigerator to show off her teeny tiny body. Ricci probably couldn't have predicted that the photo of her crammed inside of a refrigerator would start such a trend among her colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Celebrities that have decided to expand on "Riccing" are Kelly Ripa, who was able to fit herself under her desk, and her co-host Michael Strahan.

For her Riccing act captioned her photo:


"Kelly fits in tiny places! #Riccing under her desk. Christina Ricci."

During Ricci's second attempt at "Riccing", she was able to fit herself into a dryer. She captioned the photo with:

Christina Ricci photo trend

"Being small does have its benefits however. Look out for my new photo series, 'I Can Fit In That!'

She added:

"Yes, pants would have been more appropriate fitting-into-fridge attire. But, hey, I saw my opportunity and took it. That's not my fridge, FYI. Work fridge. Work shenanigans."

When she isn't starting a photo trend, it seems like these days Ricci is enjoying her newlywed bliss. In October Ricci married dolly grip James Heerdegen, whom she met while working on the TV show Pan Am.