Roswell School Shooting: Suspect Arrested

Roswell, New Mexico was rocked Tuesday morning by a shooting at Berrendo Middle School. The news broke through the Roswell Police Department Facebook page. The shooter was apprehended and arrested by officers inside the school. A 14-year old student is being airlifted to a Lubbock, TX hospital according to KRQE 3.

Parents have been instructed to stay away from the school. Students and teachers are being bused to nearby Roswell Mall where parents can pick them up. One mother spoke with local news station KOB 4.

“It was scary, it was freaky,” Kathy Sigala told a KOB Eyewitness News 4 reporter at the scene. “I didn’t understand. I got a call from where I work and I was at home. I just got in my car and my daughter came with the other kids… And I just came here and we heard from police… But we’re just grateful for Roswell, RPD, for their fast reaction in getting there and taking care of what they have to take of… We just can’t believe that it would happen here.”

Gang violence has been so bad recently in Roswell schools that authorities had asked Homeland Security to step in.

Radio station KBIM is releasing up to the minute details. State police are expected to release more information at a press conference on the Roswell school shooting at 1 p.m.