Anthony Bourdain World Market Bringing Global Flavor To NYC

Anthony Bourdain has no reservations about opening up a new restaurant in NYC. Page Six of the New York Postrevealed the news that Anthony Bourdain is working with investors to unleash international flavors on NYC in a new food market. “World Market” is one of the names that keeps popping up for the experience.

Anthony Bourdain is known for his eccentric flair, feisty New York style (including feuds with southern belle Paula Deen), and willingness to go anywhere and eat just about anything. Beginning his career as a chef, his taste for flair and writing abilities brought him fame through his book Kitchen Confidential. It wasn’t long before the NYC born chef was hosting television shows. “No Reservations” and his new CNN show “Parts Unknown” focus on Bourdain traveling around the globe trying different foods.

Now Bourdain wants to bring his globe trotting experiences to consumers in NYC. Working with New York entrepreneur Stephen Werther, they are currently in the process of securing a location for the new food market which will display his appreciation for international street food. Primarily, Singapore cuisine is the menu item of choice.

Though Anthony Bourdain is remaining quiet on the new business venture, partner Stephen Werther spoke up.

“We are ready to go with the concept, so we are going to be doing some very cool and unexpected pop-ups between now and the opening. . . showcasing different parts of what will be incorporated into the final big market. I am a huge foodie, so you can only imagine how much fun this project is to work on.”

The food market idea seems to be one that Bourdain is developing as an international chain, something that can be reproduced everywhere. So if you don’t live in NYC, don’t worry, “Anthony Bourdain World Market” could be coming to a city near you.

Would you be willing to try international cuisine inspired by street food from around the world? Well thanks to Anthony Bourdain, you may get the chance to travel the world by simply visiting his world food market.