Casey Anthony 'Murderabilia' Being Sold For $800 Apiece

Casey Anthony apparently has some of her personal belongings up for sale on the internet. A controversial website is currently selling over a dozen items belonging to her.

The site,, has a whole host of items belonging to Anthony for sale. These items include clothing and purses which were sold at a garage sale the Anthony's did back in 2013.

The items seem to be worth a lot, and each one will set the buyer back around $800.

The owner of the website selling the items, Eric Holler, told WESH 2 News: "I'm catering to supply and demand." He says he bought seven pairs of pants and six purses from Christina Werner, who herself purchased them from the garage sale.

The woman who bought the items secretly filmed the event, as she was upset the Anthony's were selling things which had previously belonged to their dead granddaughter Caylee. Apparently Werner wanted to "wash her hands of the situation," following the sale of the items to Holler.

Holler continued to speak about the fact he plans to make a tidy profit on the Casey Anthony items: "Of course I'm trying to profit, I'm running a business here. I'm not in the business of losing money."

The site specializes in serial killers, and has sold items from killers such as Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy and David Berkowitz. They even have a special section dedicated to Casey Anthony.

The site introduces the items with the caption: "Casey Anthony is here! Own items from the infamous Anthony garage sale." Although Holler seems to have at least some scruples. He said that he refused to sell items which belonged to Caylee as, in his opinion, that would: "cross the line."

He defended his sale of the killer's personal belongings saying: "I'm in this business to make a profit, like any other entrepreneur. I know there is a demand for items I sell."

What's your opinion about the sale of 'Murderabilia' on websites like Is it a completely immoral thing to do or is it just a case of 'supply and demand'? Share your thoughts in the comments feed below.