BMX Rider, Mat Olson, Uses Texas Bridge For Amazing Stunt [Video]

Mat Olson, a veteran BMX rider, used a famous Texas bridge as part of a scintillatingly dangerous stunt on Saturday afternoon.

Olson perilously scaled across the arches on top of Fort Worth's 7th Street Bridge on his bike. He made sure that he did so under perfect conditions too, as there wasn't too much wind or traffic beneath him when he rode across. Yes, that's right, cars continued to drive across the bridge as he completed his effort.

Olson confidently pedaled along the narrow strip of concrete, which is less than 5 feet wide, even though a guard rail or net hadn't been erected to protect him. If Olson had failed, he was either going to fall onto the concrete road that was to one side of him or to a watery grave on the other.

After Olson completed his effort, he described the stunt to "When I was going up and over the top of those things, it was really a judgment call over how much and when to use my brakes and really hit that bottom piece of the slant and be able to get up the other side. But the scariest part was pedalling up it," he explained. "If you start slowing down you get the tip factor and you don't have much room to fall there."

Olson admitted that it was an "amazing feeling to be up that high." He was watched by a group of his friends who had gathered below to film and support him, as well as an errant police officer.

"He looked a little mad," Olson admitted. "I think he was more astonished. I think he as more amazed I was alive than anything and gave me a stiff warning to not try this again."

The BMX stunt professional has previously entertained halftime crowds at various Dallas Mavericks' games, and he has also performed at the State Fair of Texas.

He has suffered numerous injuries in the past, though. He has undergone surgery three times on his knee, ruptured his spleen, and had his front teeth knocked out seven times, plus he's suffered 13 concussions too.

The 25-year-old has vowed that he won't stop performing his death-defying stunts despite these injuries, and he's also teased that he has several more stunts planned around the Fort Worth area.

Fort Worth officials were forced to place wooden barriers and bags of concrete in front of the arches to stop copycat performers. Olson has admitted that he was just glad that he made it across the bridge unscathed.