Jacqueline Bisset Explains Puzzling Golden Globes Speech

While people were buzzing about the surprising wins at the Golden Globes, Jacqueline Bisset took the cake, as well as everyone's attention, for her puzzling. albeit extremely quotable space cadet speech. Bisset, who hasn't graced the stage in forty-seven years, was the first winner of the night, and her speech set the stage for a show filled with blunders.

When Bisset was called as the winner for Supporting Actress in a TV series miniseries for Dancing on the Edge, the actress looked stunned and disheveled as she sat in her seat shocked. Once she finally got to the stage, which included a pause to kiss Jon Voight on the way, Bisset gave one of the most awkward speeches in recent memory. With long pauses that lasted well past a normal speech, nonsensical segues to gems like, "My mother used to say, 'Go to hell and don't come back.'" and "The best beauty regimen is forgiveness," no one really knew what planet Bisset was on.

Fantastically enough, Jacqueline Bisset's funny antics didn't end on-stage as backstage reports are now starting to trickle in. Once backstage, the actress, who was still stunned, asked, "What do I do now?"

Bisset then asked for her glasses so that she could see, but then complained they were too dirty, and gave them back of someone to clean them for her. Although many questioned what she was on for the night, we now have somewhat of a reason for Bisset's spacey appearance.

Variety has a report of Bisset explaining her bizarre speech:

"I was told my category was coming up second from last, so I was absolutely stunned. I wondered why the guy was there with a camera on me. I was completely out of it, I was thinking about my dinner. And I still haven't gotten my dinner yet."

When asked about her speech, Bisset said, "I can't really remember what I said, actually."

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com