Sunset Cliffs: Tourist Falls To Her Death During Photo Shoot

A Sunset Cliffs tourist was killed when she lost her balance during a photo shoot. Anna Bachman, age 25, was visiting the San Diego, California, landmark while on vacation. Authorities said the Chicago native fell off the 40-foot cliff while her sister was trying to take her picture.

The tragic accident was witnessed by numerous tourists, including two nurses. Several people tried to perform CPR. However, it was later determined that the woman was instantly killed in the fall.

As reported by, alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the incident. Lieutenant Paul Phillips of the San Diego Police Department said, "All indications are this was just a terrible, tragic accident."

Resident Alycia Van Dover said tourists need to use extra caution when hiking along the Sunset Cliffs. She said some areas are unstable due to erosion and others are more slippery than they appear, as moisture often collects on the rocks.

The sunset Cliffs are part of a 68-acre park along the western coast of the Point Loma peninsula. The steep cliffs, caves, and rock formations extend more than a mile along the shoreline. Although the cliffs remain a popular tourist destination, they have experienced significant erosion. reports that conservation projects have focused on restoration and preservation of the cliffs. As erosion is a major concern, plans for a drainage system have become a priority.

Although the cliffs are beautiful and offer a spectacular view, tourists are urged to use caution. Most of the trails are unpaved and can be dangerous. Several tourists have been injured or killed in falling accidents along the shore.

Authorities said it appears that Bachman took a step back while posing for a photo. As she was too close to the edge, she lost her balance and fell to her death. Counselors responded to the Sunset Cliffs to counsel Bachman's sister and others who witnessed the tragedy.

[Image via Flickr]