Christina McLarty And David Arquette Drop Hints About Baby's Name

Christina McLarty and boyfriend David Arquette won't be picking a crazy name for their first child, but they're leaving it at that.

Appearing at the Art of Elysium's 7th Annual Heaven Gala this weekend in Los Angeles, the couple spoke about the name choices for their little guy, who is due later this year. David revealed that he and Christina have their inspiration in mind, but won't give away much more.

"I've been a bit cryptic about it," Arquette told E! News. "It's going to be the name of my grandfather used to play. He was Cliff Arquette, but that's not the name we are thinking of."

David has already picked an unusual name for his first child, daughter Coco, with his ex-wife Courteney Cox. But this is the first child for Entertainment Tonight correspondent Christina McLarty, who may not be on board with the Hollywood trend of picking out-of-the-box names.

But whatever name they should pick, David said he is just thrilled to be adding to the family.

Arquette said he can't wait for "playing catch, making [his son] laugh, and seeing my girlfriend Christina being a mother for the first time and all the joy and love that it's going to bring her and me."

McLarty's child will be born into an interesting family structure. Though David Arquette and Courteney Cox have split, they remain close as they raise Coco together. In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Cox said she plans to be there for David and Christina once the baby is born, and that Coco is thrilled to become a big sister.

"Yeah, she's really excited," Cox told Ellen. "At first she was nervous, because, you know, it's a big deal. At first, I was nervous, I was like whoa, heavy. Now it's great and we actually all had dinner the other night, the whole family."

"It's a very unique relationship," Cox added. "All of us like literally, me and Christina and David and Coco. It's great though."

Late last year, David spilled the beans about the pregnancy during a drunken interview with Howard Stern, saying:

"I once saw myself being such an a**hole to paparazzi while my first child was born… listen, while my first child was born, that it occurred to me that I wasn't being an a***hole to the paparazzi, I was being an a–hole to the camera. The camera is the people, the collective, and that's what's important."

Christina McLarty is due in the spring.