'True Detective' Premieres With Rave Reviews

Jennifer Deutschmann

HBO's True Detective premiered on Sunday with rave reviews. The crime drama, written by author Nic Pizzolatto, follows two detectives with the Louisiana State Police Criminal Investigations Division. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey star as two homicide detectives searching for a serial killer.

In the program's first season, there are two separate timelines. The first is set in 1995, and the second in 2012.

As the series begins, Detectives Martin Hart, played by Harrelson, and Rust Cohle, played by McConaughey, become partners. One of their first cases involves the ritualistic killing of former prostitute Dora Kelly Lange. Although the murder appears to be the work of a serial killer, Hart and Cole have differing opinions.

Seventeen years later, the detectives are called in to discuss another murder. Although Lange's suspected killer was arrested in 1995, another victim was found. As reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the latest victim was killed in a similar ritualistic fashion.

As the episode unfolds, it is obvious that things are not what they seem. Lange's life was complicated and her murder was unusually brutal. Detectives Hart and Cohle both have sordid pasts, and they eventually part ways over a mysterious dispute.

TV Guide reports that the series will be presented as an anthology. Each season will feature different actors and a different story. The first season contains eight episodes.

Although the first season features a brutal murder, Pizzolatto said there is a much deeper message:

"I'm not interested in creating disgusting monsters or the most bizarre serial killer ever... My primary concern is always the humanism of the characters... It's in two men talking to one another in a car... It's in a man coming over to another man's house for dinner and eating with his family."

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