Westboro Baptist Church: 'Duck Dynasty' Is For 'Lazy, Gun Toting, Emasculated Men'

The Westboro Baptist Church says the Duck Dynasty TV show is for "lazy, gun toting, flag waving, emasculated men."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Christian groups took a stand against a Westboro Baptist Church protest that targeted them as "phony Christians."

Despite the insult, the Fred Phelps clan still supports Duck Commander Phil Robertson when it comes to the GQ interview, where he stated:

"Everything is blurred on what's right and what's wrong. Sin becomes fine, Start with homosexual behavior, and just morph out from there, bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman, and those men."
But they're not exactly buddies. A seven minute video spends the time condemning the Duck Dynasty star for wanting to love of all of humanity, saying, "Shame on you, Phil." They also deride Phil Robertson's net worth, saying the money should be used to spread the "true" word of God:
"Duck Dynasty Phil is right; Sodomy is a sin! Duh! Any dummy can crack a Bible and see the plain words about that matter. However, we also say this: the Phil Robertson's of this wicked generation are the very reason that f*gs run this nation, and that she is hurtling toward her destruction at the hands of a raging mad God."
Talk about who needs enemies...

Duck Dynasty Season 5 could get very interesting if they managed to film a confrontation between Phil and the Westboro Baptist Church. Despite Phil officially be restored back to the show, the Westboro Baptist Church plans on protesting at the A&E network office in New York City on February 1, 2014.