Disqus Gets Trackback Support: One Less Excuse Not To Try It

Duncan Riley

Embedded commenting system Disqus has rolled out inline support for Trackbacks.

Existing Disqus users can enable trackback support by entering the configure menu and simply checking the "enable trackbacks" box, and new users will be offered this with setup.

I've put in an email to Disqus CEO Daniel Ha to clarify whether the new feature will present trackbacks from the moment it is enabled forward, or whether it will pick up previous trackbacks as I've currently got a code hack in place to display existing trackbacks here at The Inquisitr. The other question was whether Trackbacks can be seen in the API version of the plugin, or the JS one only.

The lack of inbuilt trackback support has been one of the more common reasons people have used against Disqus. With the feature now built in, it's one less excuse not to give it a shot.

Update: trackback support at this stage is for the js plugin only. The API version of the plugin is being worked on and should be available shortly.