Ed Sheeran: New Album Is 'Pretty Much Done,' Sneak Preview Coming In A Few Weeks

Ed Sheeran teased that music from his new album should arrive in the next few weeks.

It's no secret that the acclaimed singer-songwriter is presently putting together songs for his sophomore effort. To keep fans buzzing about the project, Sheeran told Capital FM that he intends to release some new music for the masses in the very near future.

"I'm going to start dropping music from a couple of weeks from now. Probably with just a live YouTube video but it won't be the main single. The main single will come after that," Ed Sheeran explained.

He added, "I wanted to start teasing people with new music and them come with the serious slice of the pie in a couple of month's time. The album is pretty much done from my end, I think it just needs to be mixed now. I've worked with a lot of interesting people on it."

Ed Sheeran received some assistance from a handful of acclaimed producers this time around. Although he won't collaborate with Taylor Swift on the new album, he did work with Pharrell Williams and legendary hip-hop producer Rick Rubin on the project.

"Pharrell is a genius in every sense of the word. He's got a very good outlook on music and not pushing stuff just to be popular. He was saying the way that he has maintained his success over the years is, if he makes a song and it's not ready for the charts, as in the sound isn't quite there he'll hold on to it," Sheeran recently explained.

The singer said that his time with Rick Rubin involved a lot of pizza metaphors. The producer explained that putting together the perfect song was similar to building a tasty pie. While certain ingredients are necessary in every pizza, each one is essentially unique.

Although a lot of fans are very interested in which producers Ed Sheeran works with to craft his tunes, many simply wanted to know why he wasn't teaming up with Taylor Swift on his next musical outing. In short: It's a simple case of "been there, done that."

"I didn't work with Taylor [Swift] on the album purely for the fact that we've done that already. We're always going to perform together, we're always going to write together [and] we're always going to hang out. I just felt for this record I wanted to make a record that would surprise people and keep them intrigued," Sheeran explained.

Are you looking forward to some new music from Ed Sheeran?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]