Children Found Dead After Suffocating In Hope Chest

Two children were found dead by family members after apparently locking themselves inside of a hope chest on Sunday night. The horribly sad accident took place in Franklin, MA not far from Boston. Police do not suspect any criminal activity at this point, but are conducting a thorough investigation to rule out any form of abuse.

A 911 phone call was received from the family's home on Chestnut Street sometime around 8pm, when the children were discovered. The children found dead were a brother and sister (whose names have not yet been released), both under the age of ten. They were the youngest of five children ranging as old as a high school junior.

The parents told authorities that the children were playing in the room with the television volume turned up loud. Although it is unclear who actually discovered the children, some of the family members went to check on them. Opening the hope chest, which could only be opened from the outside, they found their two children unresponsive.

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"Investigation to this point indicates that the children were found by family members shortly before 8 p.m. enclosed together in a hope chest fashioned with a lid that could only be released from the outside, and not opened from within," said David Traub, the spokesman for the Norfolk District Attorney, in a statement released by the DA's office.

When emergency responders arrived on the scene they immediately transported the two children to the hospital. Family members followed the children there. Tragically, nothing could be done. Both children were pronounced dead at the hospital. Obviously, the families are in extreme grief right now and could not be reached for any comments. According to authorities, the family is cooperating with the investigation of what led to the two children being found dead in the hope chest.