Jennifer Lawrence Photobombs Taylor Swift's Golden Globes Interview [Photo]

Jennifer Lawrence continues to gain popularity, not only for her on-screen performances, but for things like photobombing Taylor Swift's interview.

The hilarious picture was taken while the country music star was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest during the 2014 Golden Globes Sunday evening.

Jennifer Lawrence's photobomb was also caught on video and shows the American Hustle star coming up the stairs to the area where the interview was taking place.

At first it seemed like she was just lining up to be interviewed with Seacrest, but then, picking her gown up, Jennifer Lawrence started creeping up on the singer.

Ryan Seacrest shared the funny image afterwards on his Instagram account saying:

"The single most important photo from the #goldenglobes red carpet," he wrote.

Jennifer Lawrence, who once again won a Golden Globe, this time for Best Supporting Actress for her role in American Hustle, joked that she was trying to push Taylor Swift down the stairs.

"I was going to come in and push you down the stairs," J-Law told the country superstar. "I was like, 'She'll crack up. She would really love that.'"

And from Taylor Swift's reaction, it seems she did not take offense, "That's so funny," she told Jennifer Lawrence.

There was more humor once the two stars actually started talking, as Jennifer Lawrence complained she has not been invited to one of Taylor Swift's concerts.

"She's never invited me," the actress claimed, but Swift didn't agree, "I have invited you so many times!"

Two of the hottest female performers in movies and music, hugged and greeted each other, both looking radiant in their stunning gowns.

Jennifer Lawrence said she was super excited to learn of Taylor's CMA Award:

"Oh my God, I freaked out over the CMAs," Lawrence excitedly shared. "I sent her a text message that was like six inches long."

Taylor Swift said she appreciated the text message, adding it was the best one she had ever received.

"I was reading it, like, 'This is the most heartfelt text I've ever gotten," Swift added. "I don't remember [what it said], but she was just so incredible. American Hustle, I was doing the same thing. I wanted to badly to send a novel text message!"

Many are calling this, the best photobomb ever and it is giving us one more reason to love Jennifer Lawrence for acting like any normal woman her age and not a stuck-up celebrity.