Justin Bieber Neighbor Says Egging Caused $20K In Damages, Facing Felony?

A neighbor of Justin Bieber is claiming the singer caused around $20,000 worth of damage when he allegedly threw eggs at his house.

The 19-year-old is accused of egging a Calabasas, Calif. residence on Thursday evening, January 9, while the neighbor and his 13-year-old daughter watched from a balcony and videotaped the incident.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed Bieber is named as a suspect in a crime report of vandalism and assault, the Associated Press reports.

However, Whitmore said the charge could rise to a felony depending on the damages estimate.

According to TMZ - who broke the story and later posted a video showing the neighbor and an unseen male [allegedly Bieber] trading expletives - detectives asked the neighbor to have repair estimates completed by January 13 to fast-track the case. Citing sources, the website reports:

"The entire front of his [the nieghbor's] house must be re-plastered. To do the job - which is especially expensive because it's Venetian plaster -- will cost around $15K. There's another $5,000 in damage to the entry, including various doors that must be re-stained."
With the neighbor's house damages purportedly amounting to $20,000, it's likely police will reclassify the offense to a felony. The case would then be referred to the District Attorney's office to decide whether and how to charge Bieber.

Whitmore also said Bieber won't speak to police.

"Mr Bieber doesn't tend to ever want to talk to us. When we knock on the door, he doesn't answer," he revealed.

"Once again, which I have done numerous times, I encourage Mr. Bieber, whether it be with an attorney or not, to come and talk to us," the spokesman added.


Tensions between Justin and Calabasas residents were first reported in March 2013 when a neighbor - possibly the same homeowner in the egging case - claimed the teen star spat at and threatened him after he was confronted over alleged speeding in the community.

In May, ex-NFL player Keyshawn Johnson accused the singer of driving recklessly through the area over Memorial Day Weekend.

But by October 2013, prosecutors in investigations arising from both complaints declined to charge Bieber.

They cited insufficient criminality in the battery case, and insufficient proof in the reckless driving case after security video footage appeared to show the rapper Tyler, The Creator was driving the singer's Ferrari at the time in question.

Whether the current filing is upped from a misdemeanor to a felony remains to be seen. An exploration of the possibility of provocation may bear on the egging attack.

Bieber's representative, Melissa Victor, has not yet commented on the vandalism and assault investigation.

Justin Bieber Accused Of Egging