Beverly D'Angelo And Chevy Chase Together Again In New TV Series

Beverly D'Angelo and Chevy Chase are getting back together again. Together, that is, for a new TV series set to hit your screens courtesy of ABC in 2015-2016.

The series is based on an idea by Aaron Kaplan, the producer of the show, and reportedly deals have already been sealed with D'Angelo and Chase to star in it.

Back in March of last year rumors bubbled in the media alleging that Beverly D'Angelo and Chevy Chase were set to return to their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswold in a Vacation reboot.

Those rumors did prove to be true but the New Line Film, which was also due to star Ed Helms and Christina Applegate, was put on hold for '"undisclosed" reasons.

The details of the new ABC series are very thin on the ground, mainly due to the fact there isn't even a script yet.

What is known is that the series will focus on the lives of a happily married couple who are in their more senior years, until, that is, that they are set the task of raising their grandchildren.

Chase left the NBC comedy Community during it's fourth season. You may remember that Chase stormed out of the show in a huff and was accused of making racist remarks on his way out to a doorman.

Star of Community, Joel McHale, spoke about that incident to reporters claiming that Chevy Chase just: "didn't want to be there." He continued: "When I would try [to get him to talk], he would just try to fight me. He physically wanted to fight me."

Despite all that, it is hoped that Chevy Chase's return to the small screen with his old friend and co-star Beverly D'Angelo will be a lot more successful than his untimely exit from Community.

Here is a clip of Chase and D'Angelo in Hotel Hell Vacation.

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