Zayn Malik Turns 21, Gets Awesome Birthday Cake From Fiance's Family

Nathan Francis

Zayn Malik turned 21 on Sunday, spending the day in London with his friends and getting an awesome cake from the family of his fiance.

It was a big year for Malik, who scored a host of No. 1 hits with One Direction and also embarked on a widely successful tour. In his personal life, he and girlfriend Perrie Edwards got engaged.

Malik took some time out for his friends on his birthday, fans and news outlets alike celebrated the occasion. On, birthday well-wishes were included with a list of the "12 reasons he's the cutest 21-year-old over." The report noted:

"To honor the momentous occasion, we've decided to pay homage to every time that Zayn has made us swoon because, let's face it, he's just that adorable. OK, this isn't every time, since he regularly makes our pulses race, but it's close. So while there have been endless instances that he's made us weak in the knees, here are our 12 favorites."

Year 20 was pretty good for Zayn Malik. In the summer he confirmed that he and girlfriend Perrie Edwards had gotten engaged, saying: "We're really happy. Yeah, it's cool."

Malik added: "I'd fly 10 planes to go home and see her… It's difficult to see your girlfriend 24/7. When you do get to see her, you really make the most of it. My mum used to say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it definitely does."

And Zayn Malik got a good start to his 21st year as well, spending some time on his birthday with One Direction bandmates.

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