David Cassidy DUI Arrest: Former Teen Idol Busted Again

A David Cassidy DUI arrest is back in the news.

The California HIghway Patrol pulled over Cassidy on Friday night after he made an illegal turn in Los Angeles in his rented Chevy Impala while exiting the 405 Freeway near the LAX airport.

The officer reportedly smelled booze on the former Partridge Family star and 70s teen idol. Cassidy, 63, failed a field sobriety test and was taken to jail. On a breathalyzer test, Cassidy "blew.19... more than twice the legal limit," according to TMZ. He was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and released the following morning on $15,000 bail. Cassidy is due back in court on February 5.

According to the police, "Cassidy was observed making a right turn on a red light, in violation of a black and white regulatory sign indicating, 'No Right Turn On Red.'"

In August, David Cassidy was arrested in New York after a traffic stop when his blood alcohol level tested at 0.10. He also was arrested in Florida for DUI. After the November 2010 incident, he was sentenced to probation and a six-month license suspension.

At the height of his TV sitcom popularity, Cassidy played Keith Partridge, the eldest of five children of a widowed mother played by Shirley Jones. The family -- all of them musicians -- traveled to gigs in a repainted school bus. After the show was canceled at the end of four seasons on the air, Cassidy launched his own pop music career. He was able to fill concert venues with screaming teenage girls attracted to hit songs such as as 'I Think I Love You.'" Cassidy still performs around the country today. He was also a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice in 2011, but was fired after the first task.

Although the California charges haven't been proven in court, do you find this latest David Cassidy DUI arrest troubling?