Justin Bieber Debuts New Tattoo Amid Police Push For Felony Charge Over Egging

Justin Bieber has debuted a brand new tattoo amid an ongoing investigation by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies, reportedly mounting a felony case against the singer for allegedly throwing eggs at a neighbor’s home in Calabasas, Calif on Thursday night.

The 19-year-old posted an Instagram photo of his latest inking on Saturday.

Bieber’s new tattoo is sited on the inside of his right forearm and is a typical rendering of a jester’s face wearing a hat with bells.

The black design is located under the pop superstar’s existing tat of a small, Japanese kanji symbol for music which he reportedly had inked in July 2012.

Justin’s right arm is light on tattoos compared to his left arm, which sports a nearly full sleeve and topped up back in November with an “Eagle” design.

The illustrated teen’s tat count is now in the mid-20’s and it’s possible he may be starting a second sleeve.

Justin Bieber Has A New Tattoo

Like most ink-lovers, Bieber seems to invest meaning in his body art and may have looked into the symbolism of the “Jester.”

Historically, they entertained rulers or other nobility in medieval or Tudor times. They have also been depicted as the “fool,” or “Joker,” to represent common sense, honesty, and even death. Such entertainers were also used in royal courts to deliver bad news in a non-serious way.

While the exact reasons for Justin’s latest tattoo are unknown, ironically he could soon find getting bad news from a jester useful.

According to TMZ, sources say the Sheriff’s Department is intent on building a felony case against Bieber for allegedly pelting eggs at his neighbor’s house.

The website reports two detectives attended the neighbor’s home on the night of the incident and are apparently “indignant” over the case. Deputies reportedly believe this is their “best chance to nail the Biebs” because they have a video of the egging and photographs entered into evidence.