Marques Colston Forward Pass Throws Away Saints Season

Marques Colston threw the forward pass heard round the world. In a desperate last second attempt to score a touchdown, the New Orleans Saints wide receiver tried to play quarterback. Unfortunately, Marques Colston was way down field and the illegal forward pass with six seconds left on the clock ended the Saints season.

While Jameis Winston may soon be setting the bar for boneheaded off field decision making (see his constipated selfie on Instagram), Marques Colston just set the bar higher for anyone looking to blow a playoff game. The Seattle Seahawks had dominated the Saints for the entire first half. But the Saints battled back against the outstanding Seahawks defense and against the brutal weather conditions.

Marques Colston was shaping up to be the hero of the game, not the scapegoat. He put the exclamation point on an impressive 90 yard drive orchestrated by Drew Brees with a touchdown to make the game 23-15. There were only 26 seconds remaining on the clock when Colston pulled the pass down.

On the ensuing onside kick, Colston again showed up big by recovering the kick which bounced off of Seattle receiver Golden Tate. The Saints were still alive. A quick pass to Jimmy Graham and a spiked ball by Drew Brees left just 13 seconds on the clock. Enough time for either two quick passes or at least two shots down field.

The final play of the NFC Divisional playoff game appeared to be a positive one at first. Brees found Colston on the right sideline for a 13 yard completion. The clock read eight seconds when it reached Colston's hands. All he had to do was step out of bounds around the 35 yard line. Instead, on what appeared to be a drawn up play, he elected to toss the ball almost 50 yards across field to Travaris Cadet. He also managed to throw it five yards forward on the bounce.

Referees immediately threw the penalty flags. the penalty for an illegal forward pass in the last ten seconds? The last ten seconds run off. And just like that Marques Colston's forward pass threw away the Saints season.