Road Rage Shootings 'Unrelated', Suspect Still At Large

A road rage shooting last weekend - which resulted in a death - is not related to other similar shootings in York County and Kentucky. This is according to police investigators and detectives who spoke at a news conference today.

Steven Junkin from the Pennsylvania State Police confirmed that lab analysis from the I-81 road rage shooting ruled out any connection to the the incident in York County. Junkin failed to elaborate on what that evidence was, or what police understood from the calls made to emergency services by Timothy Davidson on the night he was shot.

It was also stated that the police do not believe the road rage incident was related to a similar road rage shooting in Kentucky in which an officer was killed in May of last year.

Junkin said at the news conference that the latest shooting was random: "There is absolutely nothing to indicate that Mr. Davison did anything in any way to provoke this. We believe that he was randomly selected."

The vehicle in which the suspect of the road rage shooting was said to have been driving is a Ford Ranger XLT which is "dark" in color. Apparently the front of the driver's door is damaged, and the car is likely a 2005 model.

Chief Junkin said the police are searching for the vehicle in the Tri-state area:

"We obviously have an individual out there who was so incensed that he continued to pursue Mr. Davison and took it to that next step. He murdered an individual, for whatever slight that he perceived. Will this person do it again, we don't know and we don't want to take that chance."

He added that law enforcement agencies are liaising closely in the three states where the shootings took place: "We are working tirelessly to make sure that we get this person and get him off the road, quickly."

Junkin said he was confident that someone in the Tri-state area would be able to provide information that would lead to the arrest of the suspect: "We strongly believe that someone in the Tri-state area will be able to provide information that will link the suspect vehicle to the person responsible for this horrible and senseless crime," he said.

Here is a video from CNN about the police hunt for the road rage killer:

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