Miss Venezuela Monica Spear Murder: 7 Suspects Arrested

In the Miss Venezuela Monica Spear murder case investigation, authorities have arrested seven suspects, all of whom are believed to be in a gang called "the bloodsuckers." Police are on the hunt for additional gang members that claim are implicated in the horrific crime.

Investigator's reportedly found Spear's camera in the home of one of the suspects, two of whom are teenagers. Spear was using the camera to take photos of the Venezuelan countryside and then posting them to social media. "No one has been charged, but officials say there is evidence linking the group of suspected gang members to the double homicide."

The former Miss Venezuela 2004 and soap opera star and her ex-husband Thomas Henry Berry were ambushed when their car had a flat tire on Monday night near Valencia. Both were tragically killed. "Police said the family's Toyota Corolla ran over a spike placed on the highway and got two flats. After the tow truck arrived, so did the gunmen, and they opened fire on the vehicle."

According to the national police commissioner, a 19-year-old man may have been the only shooter.

Their five-year-old daughter suffered a gunshot wound to the leg but is believed to be okay. The funeral for the couple was held yesterday. Robbery is the presumed motive in the attack at this point.

Monica Spear had been previously robbed six times.

The crime-ridden country with a population of about 30 million had an estimated 25,000 violent deaths in 2013. One person in Venezuela is killed every 21 minutes.

Monica Spear's aunt said that "I ask Venezuelans to wake up because it was Monica a few days ago, but, how many people have died on highways in this country? Monica had to die so that the whole world learns that we can't be out on the street because we're afraid."