NFL Hall Of Fame 2014: Finalists List Led By Walter Jones, Excludes Terrell Davis

The NFL Hall of Fame 2014 finalists list is out and is said to have some surprising inductees and exclusions.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the so-called Ice Bowl 2 was said to be in the running for the coldest NFL game ever.

The 25 semi-finalists announced in November were cut down to the Final 15 on NFL Network's Pro Football Hall of Fame show this week. The final NFL Hall of Fame 2014 list will be announced Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 8 PM ET/PT on Fox. The special show will be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Morten AndersenJerome BettisDerrick BrooksTim BrownEdward DeBartoloTony DungyKevin GreeneCharles HaleyMarvin HarrisonWalter JonesJohn LynchAndre ReedWill ShieldsMichael StrahanAeneas Williams

Walter Jones is claimed to be "one of the greatest left tackles in NFL history" and is claimed to be a shoe-in for making the NFL Hall of Fame. Strahan, Harrison, Brooks, and Dungy are also thought to have a solid chance.

Some says it's surprising Terrell Davis was cut from being considered for the NFL Hall of Fame. Although Davis is probably disappointed at not making the Final 15, he feels blessed just being considered at all:

"You look at that list of 25, and it's hard. I'm looking at this list of names and I say, 'How do you justify this player not making it?' We're emotionally attached to some of the names you see there when you see guys like Steve Atwater and Mecklenburg and myself and you say, 'I know what these guys have done.' But then you look at these other guys and you really can't feel good about saying these guys deserve it more than these guys. I've said this every year: I'm blessed to even be in the conversation. Do I sit there every year and say, 'Man, maybe this is the year?' Yeah, I'm human. But I don't lose sleep the other 364 days of the year."
Some NFL media analysts were surprised that Morten Anderson made the cut. Although his 2,544 points are the most ever for a kicker, it's pointed out he has other issues:
"Andersen ranks 48th in field goal accuracy. You see, kicker is analogous to wide receiver in that the numbers just keep improving, thus clouding the discussion about who's truly elite. Sometimes people don't weigh these great players against the peers of their era. In this case, the Hall voters did... but Andersen over Jimmy Johnson? Really?"
Other names who didn't make the Final 15 for the NFL Hall of Fame 2014 list include Don Coryell, Steve Atwater, Joe Jacoby, Jimmy Johnson, Karl Mecklenburg, Steve Wisniewski and George Young. Who do you think should have made the Final 15?