Delray Beach Flooding: 90-Year-Old Man Slips Into Canal And Drowns

In a Delray Beach flooding which reached its peak on Friday, large sections of the I-95 needed to be completely shut down, causing serious disruption to motorists. A number of people have also been injured in the flooding, and two have lost their lives.

Homes and streets in and around the Delray beach area of southern Florida have seen flash floods following vicious storms, which deposited more than 12 inches of rainwater in some places.

Students have also been affected as a number of local schools needed to close. Even the Delray Medical Center emergency room was flooded on Friday morning, showing that no one was immune to the Delray beach flooding.

The Delray Medical Center emergency room's patients have all been moved to upper floors in the building or have been transferred to other medical centers nearby.

Ryan Arciero from reports on the untimely deaths of the two people, which resulted from the Delray beach flooding:

Elsa Marquez was overtaken by the water at 7:52 this morning as she attempted to maneuver her Toyota RAV4 along the flooded streets. With the high levels of water and blinding rains making visibility extremely difficult, Marquez missed a turn that led her into a lake. She was pronounced dead in the flooded Delray Medical Center despite valiant efforts from witnesses and the Palm Beach fire rescue crews. In addition, 90-year-old Harry Krulewitz always walked with a cane, and this morning the waist-high waters overwhelmed him as he slipped into a canal and drowned. The Palm Beach Country Fire Rescue SCUBA team found him completely underwater, and he was pronounced dead at the same Delray Medical Center.
Fortunately, in line with the weather service's predictions, the flooding has subsided and much less rain is anticipated in the Delray area over the next few days. It is hoped that there will be no more injuries or fatalities as a result of the Delray beach flooding.