The Yin and Yang of the universe would mean there should be ‘white holes’

We all know that things like black holes exist in space but what we may not know is that there could very well be the exact opposite phenomena, otherwise known as white holes.

Where black holes are thought devour everything in space around them, white holes are thought to spew out matter before collapsing in on themselves to become black holes.

This sort of behavior is understandably tricky to observe, but scientists think that they may actually have spotted one. Back in 2005, a gamma ray burst was measured that didn’t come along with the supernova that’s typically associated with gamma ray bursts, and it’s possible that the burst was instead caused by the collapse of a white hole.

What’s especially interesting about white holes is that their spontaneous creation of matter is analogous to the Big Bang, to the point where they’re also being referred to as “Small Bangs.” They wouldn’t have any fixed spacetime coordinates and wouldn’t be detectable at all, but they could instantly appear literally anywhere, anytime and do their thing before collapsing again.


This of course is all just scientific conjecture but then so was much of what we know about space at one time.