Delray Beach Flooding: At Least Two Dead, Waters Still Receding [Video]

Jason Savage

Delray Beach flooding was the cause of at least two deaths on Friday. The south Florida community just outside of Boca Raton began to see mass amounts of rain on Thursday. As the waters kept coming, flooding in Delray Beach began to reach historic proportions.

Many cars were blocked and left stranded as a result of the flooding. One woman was not lucky enough to get away. According to CBS Miami, Jorge Marquez says his wife, Elsa Marquez, was driving home from work in the torrential downpour. Unable to see the roads, Elsa Marquez, 56, apparently drove off of Via Flora Road, north of Atlantic Avenue and east of Jog Road. Tragically, she ended up into a pond where emergency responders eventually recovered her. She was rushed to the hospital where she later was pronounced dead.

Elsa Marquez is survived by her husband Jorge and their five children. She worked at a local retirement home.

Also swept away in the Delray Beach flooding was 90-year old Harry Krulewitz. Krulewitz needs the assistance of a cane and found himself trapped outside in the flooding. Unable to see where he was walking, Mr. Krulewitz lost his way and eventually wandered into a canal. Emergency teams recovered his body, but it was too late. There is no word yet on the whereabouts of his family.

With the Delray Beach flooding impacting areas all along the I-95 corridor, many drivers were forced to leave their vehicles and head for higher ground. As of Friday night, many of the vehicles had not been recovered. Owners are still waiting for the waters to begin receding.

"It's a nightmare," Fred Sklut, a Kings Point resident told CBS 12. "I know they said we were gonna get a lot of rain but I woke up this morning around 7:30 and looked outside and saw my car and it was halfway through the door."

Authorities are hopeful that the sun will be coming out on Saturday and helping the flooding to recede further. For now, the Delray Beach flooding has claimed many cars and caused at least two deaths.