MSNBC Producer Goes Nuts Live on Air: Fake Video Sucks in Half the Interwebs

A video, purportedly showing an MSNBC producer going ballistic live on air, complete with NSFW style rant tearing staff a new one, has been getting a bit of coverage on the Interwebs (Liveleak, Buzzfeed and a heap of other sites)

Check out the video below. There is a language warning on it, and we warn this video may not be suitable for younger viewers, or if you are uptight about the F^&% word.

Only problem is the video is a fake. Comedian, Chris Matta put a blog post up on his site

Disclaimer: This video is a fake. I was being a charlatan, a mountebank by adding my own voice. In other words, this video is a phony, it is not genuine, it has been concocted.

Of course, like just about every video on Youtube there were lots of people ready to chime in with the comment “FAKE” even before the video was confirmed as being a fake. So far there are more than 160 comments on the video – the majority of them smelling a rat. So your average youtube commenter is smarter than many sites, peddling this video as WTF, OMG news.

So Chris Matta punked a great many people today. Google “MSNBC Producer goes nuts”, and you will see pages and pages of the video, complete with the OMG and tut tut commentary.

I am not sure what makes us want to believe that some guy went off, abusing his staff and dropping the “f” bomb live on air, without questioning it. These posts usually finish with the line “I’ve got a feeling someone is getting fired.” If only you could be fired for writing breathless posts like that.

Hats off to you Chris Matta, the rant was awesome.