Myls Dobson, 4, Tortured To Death By 230-Pound Sitter After Mom Loses Custody

Myls Dobson was just a 4-year-old boy upset that his dad wasn't coming home. What he didn't know was that his father was in jail on bank fraud charges.

When he grew upset and despondent, his father's girlfriend, a 230-pound, 28-year-old transgender woman who goes by the name Kryzie King — but whose real name is Janaie Jones — beat and tortured him, burning him with a hot grill, striking his genitals repeatedly with a belt buckle and locking him outdoors on a terrace in a Midtown Manhattan apartment on a record-cold day this week.

The horrifying details come from King's own confession to police, according to a New York Daily News report.

On Wednesday, during a fight with his babysitter, Myls Dobson fell in the bathroom. King told police that she watched the boy die then waited another half an hour before calling 911, according to New York City's NY1 TV news channel.

The boy's distraught mother, Ashlee Dobson, 29, lost custody of Myls Dobson in 2012. She now blames New York's Administration for Children's Services for her son's brutal, heartbreaking death. After the agency took the boy from her, it failed to keep track of his whereabouts or well-being, she charges, according to NY1.

"I love my son. I just...he would always love me and give me kisses like, 'Mommy, I love you,"" the boy's mother said. "And I would say, 'Myls, I love you too, baby.' So I'll just remember the times we had."

Why Ashlee Dobson lost custody of Myls Dobson in the first place isn't completely clear. Dobson family lawyer Philip Lights said that the reason was that Ashlee and Myls Dobson were living in a homeless shelter at the time.

Things were not always bad between King and Myls Dobson. The woman would take him to Broadway shows and buy him gifts. But on December 19, the boy's father, King's boyfriend Okee Wade, 37, asked King to look after the boy while he was gone for a few days.

The few days turned into weeks when Wade was suddenly arrested in connection with a bank fraud scheme. King was left alone to care for the 4-year-old.

Why Wade turned to King, whom he had known for just a short time, instead of one of his family members is a mystery to the family.

"They met about two months ago," said Wade's sister Yolanda. "Okee told me he met her on the street. He really liked her and said she was great with Myls, that they spent a lot of time together."

While the pair got along for the first couple of weeks they were alone together, Myls became despondent when his father still did not come home. He refused to eat and was reportedly down to 37 pounds at the time of his death, The Daily Mail reported.

But rather than seek assistance, King became angered, especially when she realized that caring for the boy meant she would have to cancel her own holiday trip back to her native Jamaica.

She started to strike the boy, first with slaps across the face, bit quickly escalating to more sadistic punishments.

After the boy cut the cable on a video game system, King stripped him naked, threw him on a bed and beat him with a belt buckle. After he spilled some of King's perfume, she bound and gagged him, leaving him tied up for 45 minutes before locking him in a dark bathroom for another two hours.

The torture of Myls Dobson continued until the fight on Wednesday that resulted in the boy's death.

Wade is now reportedly on suicide watch, despondent over the fate of little Myls Dobson.