Jameis Winston Constipated Selfie: New Heisman Pose?

Jameis Winston makes lots of good decisions on the football field, as evidenced by FSU’s recent national championship victory highlighted by the QB’s game winning drive. Apparently, he does not make good decisions in the bathroom. The Heisman Trophy winner decided to post a picture of himself going to the bathroom on Instagram Thursday night.

Jameis Winston had trouble in 2013 with other off field issues, most notably an accusation of sexual assault. And after his post game interviews and press conference following the BCS title game, many are questioning whether the Quarterback has what it takes to make it mentally in the NFL.

Apparently, all Jameis Winston was worried about Thursday night was whether he could get a bowel movement. He wrote:

So constipated lol dang but I got greatness behind me even when I take one # realninjaish #believethat

The greatness he is referring to would appear to be a picture of Michael Jordan dunking the ball. Truly a great inspiration for anyone that is having trouble making a slam dunk in the “super bowl”. If he needs to use a laxative, he should be careful to read the warning label. They can be deadly.

Although the picture is funny, it is sure to raise more questions about Jameis Winston’s maturity level. Surely he has to know that the most famous college Quarterback in the country shouldn’t be posting bathroom selfies, right?

Jameis Winston constipated selfie. What would your constipated selfie look like?