Simpsons game coming to Facebook

For a show that stopped being funny over a decade ago, The Simpsons can still turn over a buck or three. That’s probably why EA will be bringing the dysfunctional family to Facebook in September.

Alas, that’s virtually all we know for now. There’s no word on what form the game will take, though I think we can safely say microtransactions and the ability to annoy your friends with Simpsons spam will both be offered.

Simpsons videogames have a mixed track record, starting with the rather fun Simpsons Arcade Game (1991) but hitting some lows with dross like Virtual Bart (1994). If EA’s more recent The Simpsons Game (2007) is anything to go by, we can expect lots of polish at least. Either way, I hope it’s not dumbed down too much.

EA is also bringing SimCity to Facebook – an interesting idea seeing as how SimCity was a huge inspiration for Zynga’s Facebook hit CityVille.

[Via MCV]