Malin Akerman Will Not Be A Trophy Wife, Joins TV Show With That Exact Name Anyway

For Malin Akerman, trophy wife roles are something she's been trying to avoid. So it's fairly ironic that she joined the cast of a TV show called Trophy Wife.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Malin Akerman flaunted her looks at the People's Choice Awards 2014.

Apparently, people in Hollywood feel that Akerman looks like a trophy wife. After all, she's blonde, blue-eyed, and she's mostly known for supporting roles in The Heartbreak Kid, 27 Dresses, and Couples Retreat. So in 2009, she declared her war on the trophy wife stereotype:

"I tend to get a lot of scripts in which people want me to play the trophy wife, which is frustrating because I want the interesting, meaty roles."
So when she received the offer to be come the main character in a TV show called Trophy Wife, she wasn't exactly enthusiastic at first:
"I got this script and saw the title and I literally said, 'Hell no, I'm not playing a trophy wife. I'm not even going to read that. I don't want to be a trophy wife.' I've said it before in interviews, I hate playing the trophy wife. Because for me, in my head, a trophy wife is just someone who's a looker, who has nothing to say, you know?"
Something must have changed in her attitude since she's been playing the main character Kate since last fall. And the show focuses on what is beyond the appearances:
"That's sort of what you see from the outside, but as we get to know her she is this really cool girl who wants to be part of this family and is truly in love with Bradley Whitford's character. So that's what I liked about it. They really are in love. They're really goofy together. They have a lot of fun. She wants to be part of his family. She wants to be a good mum. Whereas a trophy wife is kind of like, you married for the money, and you marry because you just want to go and be pretty, go get your nails done, And that's so not what this is. So I was really excited when I realized that the title was a bit tongue in cheek."

So far, audiences seem to be enjoying the show. Although there were rumors we might see Trophy Wife cancelled by ABC, in the end it was renewed for a full season.

Do you think Malin Akerman makes a good Trophy Wife?