Cursing Toddler Video Mother Speaks Out: 'Every Kid Does It'

The now famous "cursing toddler" video has sparked outrage across the nation. One thing most seem to agree on is that the adults in the background should have known better. On Thursday, in an exclusive interview with CNN Omaha affiliate KETV, the cursing toddler mother spoke out saying her son is not an anomaly, and that "every kid does it."

The young African American boy seen in the video uses language that most parents would probably not be comfortable with. Calling the adults, who are laughing on the other side of the camera, "hos" and "b******" is not something most young children would engage in. But the child's 16-year old mother says in her interview that the child had a clean diaper and was well fed. She pleads with the reporter that she is a good mother and she was in the other room when the video was shot by her brother and a family friend.

Both the cursing toddler's mother and child were removed from the home featured in the video this week. Child protective services deemed their circumstances unfit for them. The mother, whose identity we are not revealing because she is only 16, was moved to a separate location from her son. The mother claims that the reason for them being moved was not actually the video, but rather gang related activity that was occurring around the home in which they were living.

The family had been under the eye of child protective services before the cursing toddler video went viral. In June, because of reports to the police, the home where the mother and her son were staying was under watch. Four months later in October, the house was hit in a drive by shooting. The two year old son seen in the cursing toddler video was grazed by a bullet that day. The family then moved into a home with the 16-year old's own mother.

On December 16, tragedy struck the family again. The grandmother was arrested in a Omaha police raid on her house in connection with gang related gun charges. Now, the mother and her son are being relocated again, this time separately.

She says that she has raised her son well and that he was repeating what he was hearing because he is smart. The mother says she has taught her son, known as the "cursing toddler," not to curse and that he normally doesn't act like that. Hopefully, both mother and son can find the help they need and be reunited soon.