Don’t Fry-Day is Friday: EPA Tips to Prevent Skin Cancer

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is urging people to slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher, slap on a hat and wrap on sunglasses this Friday which it has appropriately named “Don’t Fry Day.”

“Don’t Fry Day” is one of the EPA’s attempts to warn people about the inherent dangers that coincide with prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. The warning comes as melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, is on the rise and is becoming the most common cancer among young adults aged 25-29.

“Many people still do not realize that unprotected sun exposure can lead to skin cancer and other health problems,” Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, stated in the press release. “Simple steps such as using sunscreen, putting on sunglasses or wearing a hat can protect us and our families, while still enjoying the great outdoors.”

According to statistics:

  • One American dies from skin cancer every hour
  • Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States
  • Skin cancer affects more than two million people each year, more than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers combined
  • One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime

Outside of the “Slip, Slop, Slap, Wrap” suggestions, the following are tips are provided by the EPA this year to protect you and your love ones from over exposure to the sun:

Seek shade. Find shade during the sun’s peak hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to reduce the risk of too much sun exposure

Check the UV Index. When planning outdoor activities check the UV Index to identify the times that pose the greatest risk for overexposure to the sun

Use a little common sense this Memorial Day weekend and put into practice the tips listed here, doing so might just save your life.

via EPA