Jealous Friend Who Doused Woman With Acid Wanted To Have Her Raped

A student who is accused of throwing acid in the face of her friend because she was jealous of her also said she wanted to have the girl raped. Naomi Oni suffered extreme disfiguration to her face after she was attacked by 21-year-old Mary Konye as she stepped off of a bus.

In order to carry the attack out anonymously, Konye was caught on CCTV wearing a niqab, a type of Muslim veil which covers the head and face. She reportedly bought sulfuric acid online some time before carrying out the heinous attack.

As well as buying the acid, Konye is said to have asked Muslim friends where she could purchase a niqab because she said she had a Muslim funeral to attend. The court heard yesterday that it was a premeditated action by Konye, who was reported to have said: 'I'm going to mess up the one thing that girl has – her looks."

A friend of Konye, Omolola Vincent told the court: "She said she was going to throw acid on her. She told me she had acid. She bought it online."

As a result of the attack, Naomi Oni, age 21, a shop worker in Victoria's Secret, suffered severe and permanent scarring to her face and neck, and almost lost sight in both of her eyes.

Konye's friend Vincent also revealed to the court that her friend had posted a picture of Freddy Kruger online, and changed her Facebook status to: "That's what you're going to look like when I'm finished with you."

Vincent added: "As soon as I saw it I messaged her and I said "Oh my gosh, did you actually do it?" To which Konye allegedly replied that: "even if she did do it she wouldn't tell anybody."

She continued to reveal that Konye had informed her that she had acid in her possession:

"She told me she had acid. She said she bought it online. She said the acid was in her house. It was [from] one of those dodgy websites. It was dodgy countries like Chinese type of places. When she was saying it she was kind of laughing it off so it wasn't really taken serious. Even when she was saying she had acid, she was saying it in not a serious way so we didn't take her seriously."

As if all that testimony wasn't bad enough, after the attack Konye took to social media to taunt her victim, asking her in a post: "Who looks like a horror film character now?"'

On top of that, there are also allegations that Konye had said to a friend that she "wanted to have Oni raped" just to add insult to injury.

The case continues.